Images by Meghan Muller of Pie Photography

Family Participation

One of the advantages of selecting Playschool as your child’s preschool home is the family involvement in the education of the children and the operation of the school.  It is our goal to create a community of learning by keeping families involved in every aspect of Playschool.  With this privilege comes responsibility.  Some of these responsibilities include:

Aiding in the classroom

By having you, your spouse, your parent or another close family member aid in the classroom you get to see the educational progress of your child first-hand.  Your child gets to see that his/her family values education and is present and active in the learning process.

Providing healthy, nut free snacks for the class

All that play and learning requires energy!  Families are responsible for providing a healthy and delicious snack for their child’s class on a rotating basis.  The purpose of the snack is not only for an energy boost, but to expose children to food diversity.  So, be creative and fun and bring that “old family recipe”. You will be informed if food allergies are a consideration in the classroom.

Attending General Membership meetings

General Membership meetings are held once a year and each family is expected to have a representative attend.  Meetings are presided over by the President of the Board – who is a parent- and cover all aspects of Playschool operations.  These meetings help families feel a sense of involvement and a clear understanding of the in’s and out’s of operating Playschool.

Participating in a co-op job

Part of creating community is shared responsibility and ownership.  Playschool families participate in co-op jobs that are interesting and fun, and help families contribute their individual talents and skills to the Playschool community.  Families select their co-op responsibilities based on their talents, schedule and interests.  Some co-op jobs include:  property maintenance committee, marketing committee, leadership position on the Board, fundraising committee and hospitality committee.

Participating in school fundraising activities

Since Playschool has no affiliation with the public or parochial school system, fundraising is an essential aspect of keeping tuition costs reasonable for our families.  The operation of Playschool requires dedicated staff and infrastructure that require adequate funding.  To supplement the monies received through tuition payments, Playschool families are involved in fundraising activities to cover the expenses of operating the school.   Fundraising activities are fun and varied, and provide each family the opportunity to assist based on their own particular talents, skills, interests and resources.