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About West Chester PlaySchool

West Chester Playschool, Inc., is a non-profit preschool, operated and administered by parents. We are an Equal Opportunity care provider. Families combine their talents, along with certified teachers, and work together to create a better school environment for their children. Parents assist in the classroom, as well as in the development of Playschool's programs and policies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide young children with a nurturing, creative, learning environment in which to engage in meaningful play and educational exploration with guidance from experienced and qualified teachers who work in collaboration with our parents.

West Chester Playschool, Inc.
725 West Miner Street
West Chester, PA 19382
(610) 692-6538
fax: (610) 692-6508
Terry Lieberman, Director

License & Certification

  • West Chester Playschool is licensed as a Childcare Agency by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

  • Lead Teachers for each classroom are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • All staff have the following:

  • FBI, State Police and Child Line clearances

  • First aid and CPR certification

  • Equal Opportunity Employer

  • All staff participates in continuing education throughout the year.

Our Philosophy

  • Every individual is unique.

  • Growth takes place in orderly sequences in each individual.

  • The physical, cognitive and socio-emotional aspects of development are interrelated.

  • The child's thought and language is quantitatively different from the adult's.

  • Children should be actively involved in their own learning process. It is through direct exploration and manipulation that children construct knowledge of the world.

  • Play is a learning medium. It contributes to all types of learning (social, cognitive, physical and emotional).

  • Interest and learning are facililitated in the experience presented to the child bears some relevance to what he/she already knows, but at the same time is sufficiently novel to present incongruities and conflicts.

  • Social interaction, particularly when it is centered around relevant physical experience, promotes intellectual and social growth.

  • Personality development (the affective-social areas) depends on the presence of adequate and sustaining personal relationships, opportunities for learning and for self-expression, and guidance appropriate to each stage of a child's growth.

Weather-Related Delays and Closings

Playschool closings for snow and other inclement weather follow WCASD. For example, if WCASD has a two-hour delay, we have a two-hour delay, and if WCASD closes, we are closed for the entire day. We will notify all students of school delays and closings via email.  You may also visit our Facebook page for updates.