Save the date for our 40th Annual Live & Silent Auction will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the The Ballroom at the Westside. You can bid on items on-line by visiting our Bidpal webpage clicking here: West Chester PlaySchool Auction

Register for the 40th Annual WCPS Auction HERE!

What is a Silent Auction?

  • Our biggest fundraiser.

  • Goods and services are donated and put up for bid with a starting and raising minimum.

  • Attendees are assigned bidder numbers used to place anonymous bids on the items.

  • Bidding closes at a set time, and the highest bidder "wins" the item.

  • Food, drinks and the opportunity to socialize with adults (NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.

How do we get items for the auction?

  • Each Playschool family is required to bring in (at least) five donations.

  • Each donation should have a minimum value of $50.

  • A mail campaign is sent by Playschool to previous donors, businesses catering to children, and corporations.

How does a Playschool family get donations?

  • Each family is provided with an auction packet to assist in obtaining donations.

  • Ask friends, family, stores where you shop, services you use.

  • A sponsorship of $50 and up counts as a donation, and provides advertising in the Auction program for the sponsor.

  • Your own time and talents (painting a child's bedroom, making a dessert a month for a year, babysitting, teaching a cooking class) can be used as a donation.

  • Put together a theme related basket such as a rainy day basket, wine and cheese basket...

  • If all else fails, ask for help. There are many families who can provide ideas and inspiration for getting donations, and you can follow-up on the letters sent in the mail campaign. If you bring in the donation, you get the credit, even if the original solicitation came from Playschool.

  • All items MUST be new.

Why is it necessary to have an Auction?

  • Playschool is a cooperative without financial support from any church, government or other organization. The money we raise keeps our school operating.

  • As a cooperative, our goal is to work together to create a nurturing and caring environment in which our children learn and grow. The money we raise together as a group perpetuates this philosophy.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Getting your donations! Each family must get (at least) five donations and/or sponsors with a $50 minimum value.

  • Helping to set up on the day of, run things the night of, and/or clean up after the Auction.

  • Bringing family, friends and donors to the Auction!!!!!!!!!!

Auction Forms